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The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. – Albert Einstein

I have listened to multiple business audiobooks and thousands of hours of podcasts during my 2.5 hours daily commute to work (round trip) before I quit my job in March 2016. Initially I just wanted to kill some time. After a while I was totally hooked and it has become my daily routine since.

If you haven’t listened to podcasts yet, start now. It’s one of the most rewarding investments you can do for yourself at no costs. I use Stitcher App (you can also use The Podcasts App) to subscribe and listen to Podcasts of your choice.

Without further ado, here’s a list of Podcasts that I listen to on a daily basis. Feel free to share with me in the comments section which Podcasts you follow.

Name Overview
Invest Like a Boss is one of the newer shows I started listening to and I quite like it. Show is hosted by two self-made life style entrepreneurs / investors: Sam Marks and Johnny FD. They both travel around the world (not together) while building their personal wealth through investing. Stuffs they talk on the show are pretty fresh and actionable and a good fit for everybody
Tropical MBA is very well known among expats in Europe and Southeast Asia. Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen are two smart dudes who drew a large following while they bootstrapped their own ecommerce businesses. They are the evangelists for the location independent entrepreneurship movement if you will.
The Side Hustle Show as the name suggests, is for hustlers who are not afraid to take actions and people who do not take no as an answer. If you are just starting out with lots energy and not much capital, this is a great show to follow.
Freedom Fast Lane is hosted by Ryan Daniel Moran who’s very outspoken about his takes on Freedom, Entrepreneurship and Capitalism. After building a strong following among entrepreneurs, he also founded Freedom Fast Lane Live, a live conference for online entrepreneurs in Houston Texas. This show is for already established entrepreneurs who’s ready to take it to the next level.
Rhodium Podcast is run by Chris Yates, who’s also one of the organizers of The Rhodium Weekend Conference.
Startups for the Rest of Us
Smart Passive Income Podcast
My Wife Quit Her Job
Foundr Magazine Podcast
Ecommerce Fuel
Build My Online Store Podcast
Entrepreneurs On Fire
Niche Pursuits
Empire Podcast
Liberty Entrepreneurs
Private Equity Funcast
Niche Site Tools Podcast
Web Equity Show
SEO 101
Rogue Startups

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